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BarCamp Vancouver: Put Your Hands Up For Africa

Update: We managed to get awareness, money for the cause and introduce the people of this charity a small example of the power of the Internet: all good things. This charity had their first official fundraiser on Sept. 28th, the same day of this post, and raised a total of over $15, 000!!!! Mama Mercy will be so proud… please read on.

Best part about BarCamp Vancouver III was a little session in the morning run by Jordan Behan and Joe Solomon: "Marketers For A Cause". There was a great turn out with fine people, some of whom work their butts off for social change and changing the world one click, one link, one group, one site, one cause at a time. How to leverage this room of great minds? It was the perfect venue to generate some focus toward a cause that is close to my sister Hilary, in memory of her friend who passed away one year ago, that is designed to directly help young orphaned girls in Kenya: Hands Up For Africa – read more about the inspiring story here. They’ve just launched their first site and they’re not quite official charity status (that takes a year, but they are an official society).

Our small group in the session chatted about best ways to get their cause, story and site out to the masses. Time being precious in the quick BarCamp sessions, there were some excellent ideas introduced, all of which I have passed onto the charity’s organizers and all of which I will help them with implementing, but to start things off, the brilliant Christian Nally quickly set up this "chipin" and we’ve set a goal to reach by the end of this week! To all of you in the group, in the session, at BarCamp, and beyond, please help make a small difference in this small way – because we can.

Take a few moments to CHIP IN! Click the link above or go directly to this ChipIn web page. If you’re geeky, click on the ‘<>copy’ link in the widget above and paste in your own spaces. We’ve got to this Friday to raise a small goal amount of $350 to directly support Hands Up For Africa.

Thanks JB for initiating this session – this type of immediate action was a fine way to hold a BarCamp session. Cheers.

Ciao BarCampVancouver! Introducing

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Thank-you SOOOOO much to alllllll the sponsors this year at BarCampVan07:

And to the Supporters too:

BarCampVancouver 2007 Details, Info, Need-To-Know List


James Sherrett, one of the organizers of BarCampVancouver 2007 has conveniently thrown together allllll the deets you may want or need prior to this Friday. Here is the cut and paste version :)

Registry and Attendance
We’re oversubscribed (yay!), which means that some people who want to come won’t be able to come (boo!). So please, if you’re in the first 120, check your dates and availability. Are you sure you’re coming? We want to minimize the wiki squatting. If you’re not sure you’re coming, please strike out your name and post the name of the top person left on the waiting list in your former place. If you’re on the waiting list, are you sure you’re available to come? If not, please cross out your name. If you’re still keen on coming, check back on the list to see if you’ve been added to the first 120.

We don’t mean to be too anal about this. We just want to make sure that all the people that want to be there and can be there do get to be there. And to do that, please help us get the word out to all Barcampers. Blog this message if you can. Forward it on to friends who are interested so people are in the know.



We have printed 120 Barcamp Vancouver 2007 t-shirts to cover our collective nekkidness. They’re fuschia (!) and they’ll be available at the door on a first- come, first-served basis. We’re taking a suggested donation of $20 for each t-shirt, to finance our lavish unconference lifestyle. Any monies left over will be rolled into financing next year’s proceedings.


List of Topics for Sessions – find this on the main page:

One of the suggestions from past Barcamps has been to post a list of potential topics for sessions before the unconference. That way,people can do their homework and get a hint of the sessions available.


Schedule of Barcamp Events

Friday, August 17: food and drink at the Alibi Room
* appetizers all evening
* open bar starting at 6:30 pm (until our credit runs out!)
* we’re in the private area downstairs
* TheAlibiRoom, 157 Alexander Street @ Main (map on website)
* sleepover at Workspace, 21 Water Street, Suite 400

Saturday, August 18: conference day all day
* start at 8:30 AM with day organization
* pastries and coffees available
* pizza lunch to be delivered at ~noon
* Workspace, Suite 400 – 21 Water Street (map on website)
* end at 5:30 PM
* your own reconnaisance

DemoCampVancouver: Due

Next Thursday, July 5th, 5:30pm at WorkSpace.

Come One, Come All.
DemoCampVancouver, The Second One.
Join the event on Facebook too.
What the hell is this about? Read this.
Hope to see you there.

Holy Crap! BarCampVancouver 2007 Attendees List is FILLING UP FAST!!

Bryght Wall and my pint o vinoSign Up!

We just opened the wiki flood gates yesterday and somebody make it stop! Well, no, not really. BarCampVancouver 2007, the unconference, ad-hoc, community-orientated, free (by donation!), fun, fast, furious 24-hour event will be held this August 17 1nd 18 at the same locales as last year, WorkSpace and Bryght, and the sign up page on the wiki is getting hit hard. We’ve allotted 120 spaces at this stage…

You need:
The wiki attendee page
Sponsor page – this event is free, so we need sponsors – let us know if you’d like to help out!

DemoCamp Vancouver – A Cheeky, Brief Recap

I am disappointed that I was unable to make it to the first DemoCamp Vancouver (man, was that Arcade Fire worth it though!!) but still wanted to acknowledge the event – sounds like it was a huge hit! I’d like to point those of you who also happened to miss out to a few places where you can get a sense of what all shook down, and so you can be sure not to miss the next one!!

Great efforts and kudos goes out to a few folks for initiating the event, capturing, hosting and MC-ing: BMann, Bill (BIG thanks for hosting… and the cute light bulb graphic too!), Roland, Krug

Hi To BarCamp Saskatoon!!